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Election Integrity:

Election Integrity has become one of the biggest issues in the last two presidential cycles. Elections can not be secure when you allow mail in ballots which were voted on and approved in the legislation for the 2020 election. I will strongly oppose mail in voting. I will fight for strong voter ID laws, and will always stand up to the Democratic machine that wants to federalize elections. Elections are state issues and should remain that way. 


Education is the most important investment that we can make in our community. Every child deserves the opportunity to attend an accredited public or charter school. I believe that parents should have a say in their child's education. I will support a parents bill of rights as parents have the right to know  what their children are being taught. Critical Race Theory (CRT) needs to be banned in all public schools throughout the state. Public school educators have a responsibility to educate students. They do not have a right to indoctrinate our young people with their political beliefs.  


The MO legislature has decided to raise taxes on the very thing that each and everyone of us must have to be able to survive. In the heart of a global pandemic where many Missourians are struggling to pay their bills, the legislature chose to raise taxes on gas from 16 cents a gallon to 28 cents a gallon over the next 5 years. At a time where we should be cutting taxes they choose to pass the biggest tax increase that this state has seen in some time. Lowering and eventually eliminating the Personal Property Tax along with the State income tax will be at the top of my list of things to accomplish.


Health Mandates: 

I will oppose all federal government mandates when it comes to public health. It is not the responsibility of the federal government to require us to take a jab, wear a mask, or force our businesses to close. I believe that the people of Missoui are smart and mature enough to make their own health choices.  

School Choice:

I believe in school choice for all Missouri children. It is time that the state of Missouri makes the decision to invest in our kids and not invest in institutions. Investing in the education of kids is the greatest investment we can make. It is time we invest in children and not the school system.


The Second Amendment:

As a proud member of the NRA and a gun owner myself. I believe it is the right of the citizens of this great country to have the right to own firearms. I will do everything in my power to fight for this God given right. 


Jeff City politicians have gotten out of control with their spending and need to be reigned back in. As normal everyday people we are forced to live within our means day in and day out. This seems to be a hard concept for politicians to understand. If the people are forced to live within their means so should the state government. 


I believe that life begins at conception. I will fight to protect the rights of the unborn in Jeff City. These unborn babies deserve a chance at life.


I'm always looking to connect and speak with all of my consituients and discuss issues with you.  Let's connect.


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